Experts in career management and helping people to make the very best choices in their job search.

Encompassing both personal development and practical support.


Platinum Career Coaching

The team behind Platinum Career Coaching are experts in career management and helping people to make the very best choices in their job search.

We work exclusively with senior executives, coaching them to understand their values, strengths and talents. Together, we design a clear career plan and support them in turning the plan into reality.

Our coaches have helped hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals across all sectors to deliver successful career transitions.


An individual approach

The Platinum Career Coaching programme is for exceptional people who find themselves at a career crossroads, whether as a result of a merger or an acquisition, an organisational reshaping or other structural change.

Senior roles are changing and where one or more senior executives are impacted we offer a truly bespoke career management service, enabling even high achievers to optimise their next career move.

Tailored support at this crucial moment provides reassurance and momentum for successful career development. The power of our programme lies in its unmatched ability to diagnose and address critical needs at the right time.



Successful people take the time to understand themselves. They find the time and space to reflect and put in place a job search strategy to find their next role.


Individual Knowledge: Developing an in-depth understanding of what is important, including values and motivators.

Individual Talents: To uncover intrinsic talents, we clarify what he or she does well and enjoys.

Individual Networks: Understanding the power of the network, and how investing in this delivers a career dividend.


Successful career management is all about having clarity over one’s destination. The ability to identify what it is the best candidates require for a successful role change.


We put in place a strategy to ensure each individual is carefully matched to targeted roles – and help them to emerge as the best-in-class candidate.


People who achieve their career goals don’t simply put together a written plan. They take time to build a network to deliver it successfully.


With our support, individuals build strong networks to support both their job search and future career goals. Our research team, unique network of business leaders and search executives all help them to get in front of the right people.


Long term employability comes from investing in career development both “on the job” and beyond current roles. Successful individuals balance maintaining their skills and knowledge with the evolving marketplace demands, keeping both today and tomorrow in mind.


With access to a dedicated career coach, as well as specialists in key areas such as CV writing, presentation skills and social media use, the Platinum Career Coaching programme supports the development of enduring employability.

The programme in action

When taking a brief, we take the time to get under the skin of your transition challenges. This makes a critical difference to creating and delivering a career coaching programme that is truly transformational. To get to the heart of the challenge quickly, we are not afraid to challenge the brief in order to agree the best way forward. Once this is established, we typically follow these 5 steps of the Platinum Career Coaching Programme…


Selecting a career coach

The personal chemistry between our Lead Career Coach and those going through career change is crucial. Our coaches are not only acknowledged experts in career transition – some also have many years of experience as business leaders in their own right.

We have a two-step process:

a. The senior executive reads several profiles to explore the personal style, experience and attributes of each coach. The executive meets the two most inspiring coaches and chooses which of them to work with.

b. The coach becomes a ‘professional friend’ – a one-to-one mentor, coach, advisor and manager of the service from start to finish.

Putting together a job search strategy

It is crucial for senior executives in transition to take time to understand themselves. The coach helps them to:-

a. Know why
b. Know how
c. Know whom

Developing the job search strategy

Clarity around an individual’s career destination is essential. We identify target companies and those with the power to hire. Seventy per cent of all senior executive roles are filled through networking, so we also audit personal networks and recommend ways to leverage these effectively for the best possible job search.

We also provide:-

a. Specialist help in putting together a CV and LinkedIn profile.

b. Research assistance for identifying targets and setting up interviews, client meetings and other personal, financial, administrative and presentational advice and support.

c. Strategic business advice and support to address issues and identify challenges.

Delivering the job search strategy

With the right job strategy in place, we help senior executives deliver on it. Practical help we give includes:-

a. Developing presentational skills (including access to presentational, voice and image coaches) for maximum impact.

b. Interview preparation and practice, including the use of recorded TV footage, to ensure candidates have the right approach and mindset.

c. Practical guidance on CV production, proactive PR campaigns and access to boutique search support.

d. Monitoring and feedback on the execution of the job strategy, with KPIs and milestones to measure effectiveness.

e. Assistance with structuring business plan pitches, negotiating remuneration, preparation and coaching during the first 90 days in the new role to ensure successful transition.

Long term results

Long-term employability means investing in oneself not only “on the job” but also in thinking ahead beyond the current role. So we go far further than others – typically our clients receive our ongoing professional support. They call on us whenever they need to resolve challenges that arise in their daily working lives and key career moments, with lifelong access to our network of business leaders. Similarly, the networks we help executives to build during their transition will serve them well over the remainder of their career. It is essential that their network understands their values and motivators and that personal brand is aligned to career aspirations.

Some of our coaches and support team


Michael Moran

Michael has a long track record in HR management working for leaders in both the public and private sector including the National Health Service, insurance, commodities and derivatives companies. He has held the role of a CEO of a public listed company.

In the last 20 years Michael has run businesses that have helped 75,000 people make successful career transitions. Michael was Managing Director of Penna plc’s Financial Services Business, before becoming the CEO of Fairplace plc. Michael founded 10Eighty in 2012.


Jat Sahota

Jat is a firm believer that everyone has the capacity to live a full and happy life. He has a particular focus on individuals undergoing change, whether it be professional or personal; for example, preparing for a larger or more complex role, joining a new organisation or sector, or coming to an important phase in their personal lives. Jat helps clients to develop resilience and clarity of purpose by reconnecting them to their core values. Jat has gained 27 years’ experience as a senior leader, working for a number of leading FTSE 100 companies, and looks to bring that practical experience to bear in his coaching. He is a graduate of UCL, holds a Professional Certificate in Coaching and is completing his MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change at Henley Business School.”


Michaela Henshaw

Michaela initially qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen, specialising in Corporate Finance and Corporate Insolvency for 5 years, including 2 years in Adelaide, Australia. She then went on to build a very successful 20 year career in Retail with ASDA and Tesco. Michaela has a unique blend of Finance, HR and Transformational Change experience, all on an international level, having held Global Director positions in all 3 areas for the latter 11 years, with accountability for £1bn+ budgets and 12,000 colleagues worldwide.

Through founding and growing her own business over the last 4 years, Michaela has followed her passion of helping individuals, teams and organisations explore their true potential, and develop strategies to achieve this, through a mix of coaching, consulting, facilitation, and public speaking.


Mark Sismey-Durrant

Mark has had 40 years in business, over 22 years as CEO of three banks. He led the management buyout of Hampshire Trust Bank and built a successful, profitable and growing specialist banking business employing 170 staff. Mark has built teams, hired some great people and worked with many of them on two or three occasions. His success and confidence comes from working with people to get the very best out of everyone.

Mark has experienced the highs and lows of business life (start-ups, scale ups, transformational change, emergency cover, business refocus and business failure) and survived to tell the tale. He has experience as an employed executive, an interim manager, a consultant and a non-executive director. He has worked with multinational groups, private equity firms, trade associations, charities and he has worked alone.


Andrew Tallents

Andrew spent his early career in the energy sector before moving into the executive search industry in 1995. Over the last twenty years he has advised a wide range of business leaders about their own career development options and developed a professional network of senior leaders and decision makers across a wide range of sectors.

Andrew is experienced operating at Board level and understands the challenges that NEDs and Executive Directors face in today’s world. Andrew has been a Board Director himself and has supported senior Directors through career transition for over a decade.


Laurence Simons

Laurence started his career as a commercial lawyer; and after 4 years made a fundamental change and joined Page Group, the leading professional recruiter. It had recently become the first recruitment business to list on the Stock Market. There, Laurence set up its first non finance division and had 16 consecutive quarters of substantial growth.

A very strong entrepreneurial urge then led Laurence to found his own business. 20 years later this led to a highly successful exit to a Private Equity backed venture. The business had 65 staff over 12 offices on 4 continents and recruited into 25 countries. In recent years Laurence has been an active investor, mentor, coach and career guide to senior executives and entrepreneurs.


Barry Joinson

For more than 20 years, Barry has provided a sounding-board and strategic thinking partner to clients from many cultures and organisations across Europe, the UAE, Asia and the USA. Brought up in the family portfolio management business of 500 employees, Barry has a thorough understanding of the issues facing businesses operating in widely diverse markets and industries. His clients have included national broadcasters, professional services, luxury car manufacturers, global banks, government institutions and international NGOs, to name a few.

He has led on assignments ranging from trouble shooting in family start-ups to $100m global transformation programmes. Throughout his career, Barry has often provided stand-alone support and has a sleeves-rolled-up approach when great opportunities present. Whilst he is precise and measured, he is also quick to identify and navigate challenges as they arise.


Howard Mann

Howard has had a successful career as consultant and advisor, functional leader and member of enterprise leadership teams. As a PWC consultant, Howard worked at senior levels with a number of government agencies and financial services companies, particularly in the fields of leadership and people and organisation performance.

He has served as a director or member of the leadership team at a number of organisations, including Cargill Investor Services (CIS) and JPMorgan (Commodities). At the former, Howard was part of the 4-person leadership team that led the successful trade sale of CIS and ultimately its re-birth as a division of JPMorgan investment bank. As a consultant and coach, Howard has worked with and advised numerous organisations and individuals.


Michele Lahey

Michele specialises in helping senior leaders maximise their potential. She is an accomplished CEO, COO and senior executive in the health care sector and has been coaching and mentoring for over 20 years.  Michele is a visionary and supportive leader committed to individual and team development, and building collaborative networks.

Her areas of specialism include: senior leadership effectiveness, building high-performing executive teams, managing stress and personal resilience, talent management and leading through change.


Rose Tett

Platinum Concierge Service

Rose supports our clients in everything and anything to do with their job search. She meets clients at the end of their first coaching session to introduce herself and plan how she can best support them on their journey. Watch the short clip below to learn more about how Rose supports our clients.


Case Studies

Paul Davidson, ex Finance Director at Chemring

28th May 2020

I can recommend 10Eighty’s platinum career coaching without hesitation. I found the one to one support of my coach invaluable. He had an excellent knowledge of all things job searching. In addition 10Eighty gave me access to a concierge service, LinkedIn and CV experts as well as a voice coach to help me with business presentations. I am pleased to report that I successfully made my career transition, and found a FD’s role. I am very pleased I took advantage of the 10Eighty programme.”


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